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Marina 3 Souvenirs

September 13, 2011
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Name: Marina 3 Souvenirs

Location: Praia da Vitoria, beach front, under/next to the Praia Marina Hotel

Telephone Number: 295 513 499


English Speaking Staff: Yes

Hours: Summer 9 am-9 pm, Winter 9 am-6 pm

There is no other complete souvenir shop like Marina Souvenirs on the island.  Not only is it easy to find, convenient for tourists and packed with goodies, but they have great prices.  Most things here can be found for the same price as other shops or cheaper (a few things are more expensive).  Do not be turned off because it looks too touristy, so you think the prices are too much.  You need to go in and check for yourself.  Gifts range from videos, books, t-shirts, magnets, cow and bull stuffed animals, mugs and so much more.  Whether you have guests visiting, you are heading home for a visit, or just want something to remember the island by, this is a great choice for your souvenir needs.



September 12, 2011
Name: Papacorda
Location: Angra do Heroismo, Heading up the hill from the main square towards the fire station
Here you will find traditional Portuguese/Azorean dishes.  May be a little hard to find, so keep your eyes open when you are in the area.  Appears clean inside with a friendly staff.

Palmira Tecidos

September 11, 2011
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Name: Palmira Tecidos

Location: Praia da Vitoria, on the main walking street next to the park/across from the market

Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am-7 pm and Saturday 9 am-2 pm, closed Sunday

English Speaking: Owner speaks English

This is a local seamstress and fabric shop.  There is a wide variety of fabric to choose from, as well as a variety of yarn, ribbons and other items for making clothes or similar projects.  Ever wanted a dress made from a picture you have seen?  This is the place to go.  Just make sure to give them enough time to get the dress made before your occasion.  You may need to remind them often of your deadline.  They can do minor work, like fixing a hem, all the way up to creating the dress of your dreams.



September 10, 2011
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Name: Equipraia

AKA: The Man Store

Location: Praia da Vitoria, across from Continente (Modelo)


Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am-noon and 1:30 pm-6 pm, Saturday 9 am-noon, Closed Sunday

Phone Number: 295 540 300

English Speaking: Some Employees

Do not be fooled by the nickname the Man Store!  Ladies, there is plenty here for you too.  This is a one stop shop for many outdoor and indoor activities.  Here you will find gear for spearfishing and really all kinds of fishing, wet suits included, gardening equipment, and a variety of home improvement items.  This is a great place to start when looking for outdoor activity needs for around the island and around your home.  Before you go ordering online, check out this store first.





Clube de Golfe da Ilha Terceira

September 1, 2011
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Name: Clube de Golfe da Ilha Terceira

AKA: Golf Course

Location: Agualva

Directions: Take the Via Rapida heading towards Angra.  There is an exit for the golf course, and it is easy to spot.  Take this exit and then take your first right.  Just ahead on the left is the golf course.

Telephone: 295 902 444 (call for reservations to play)


Hours:  Restaurant 7:30 am – 8 pm; Pro-Shop 8 am -5 pm; Make reservations for golf times; Closed Mondays

English Speaking: Yes

This is a full service golf course complete with pro-shop, driving range and a restaurant.  The view is spectacular and you will enjoy your time spent playing a round of golf in this relaxing atmosphere.  No clue how to swing a club?  They even offer private lessons with a golf pro and you can borrow clubs for your lessons.  Even if you don’t want to go there for the golf, you can still enjoy the area by dining in the restaurant.  Don’t forget, this is the only golf course on the island, so take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy they have to offer.  The staff is friendly and ready to meet your golfing needs.


Vivenda da Saudade B&B

August 16, 2011

Name: Vivenda da Saudade B&B

Location: Sao Mateus, just past the swimming hole, on the left-hand side (ocean side); Estrada Regional 14

Phone Number: 295 643 105



There is no longer a need to travel far to get a relaxing stay away from home, with a great view, extremely hospitable owners, and the feel of a real vacation.  Vivenda da Saudade is a new Bed and Breakfast on the island, which is great for your own relaxation away from home, or perfect for visiting family and others coming to explore the island.  The setting is relaxing as can be with an ocean view complete with nearby islands in the distance.  They offer a variety of rooming needs (5 rooms in total) and even offer a family style sitting room complete with gaming systems, TV and room for both grown ups and kids to relax.  The owners are very friendly and extremely knowledgable about the local culture and customs.  They are there to meet all of your needs and ensure your stay is relaxing and enjoyable.  There is accessibility to swim right out back, or you can walk just a short distance to the nearby swimming hole.  Room rates are very reasonable and well worth the comfort of this bed and breakfast.


Shopping Street, Praia

July 28, 2011

What: Shopping Street

Where: Praia da Vitoria

The main shopping street off the main square in Praia is mostly a walking only road lined with multiple stores, businesses and little cafes.  You can find a wide variety of items ranging from shoes, purses and clothing to gifts, souvenirs and home goods.  Some shops are reasonably priced while others are a little more upscale.  Don’t be afraid to look around, price compare and find the right deal for you.  Not only is the main street lined with stores, but you can find other great shops along the little side streets that branch off this main path.  Even if not out to make a purchase, this is a great street for walking along and fun to window shop.  Don’t forget to comment below about your favorite stores!

Additional Information:  There is a Portuguese Post Office (Correio) in the main square.  There is a Police Station at the top of the walking street (towards Modelo).  There is mostly pay parking at the top (Modelo end) and bottom (beach end), however you can find free parking by the marina (not always open) and along the park area.  There is also some free parking by the walking trail along the beach (it’s a one way road for driving entered off the VR) and Make Me Nuts.  There is a new pay parking lot that enters about mid-way in the shopping street.  You can find this by driving towards Make Me Nuts from the Modelo circle (the one where yo would enter Modelo, not the one with the fountain), turn left at Make Me Nuts and follow this around as it curves up a smaller side street (you can’t go straight anymore past the Ramo Grande Auditorium).  The parking lot is about half way up this road on the right side.



Teatro Angrense

July 24, 2011
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Name: Teatro Angrense

AKA: Angra Theater

Location: Angra do Heroismo, next to the Angra Market

Phone Number: 295 628 721


English Speaking Staff: Some employees do speak English, including some working the ticket booth

This theater is the location for many cultural shows on the island.  Out front you can find a spot for informational posters that will advertise upcoming/current events.  Other places around town may advertise these as well, so if you see the location as Teatro Angrense, you will now know where to go.  The ticket window opens just before the showing.  They have a concession stand inside, including snacks and beverages.  Please note that while some performances are music based, others may rely more on spoken word, which will be in Portuguese.


Interisland Ferry

July 23, 2011

What: Ferry Service

Location: Cabo da Praia


English Speaking Employees: Yes

There is a ferry service that runs between the islands.  Arrive 1 hour before scheduled departure to purchase tickets.  Go inside the building to the ticket office for information, paper copy of schedule and to purchase tickets.  You can also take your car on the ferry for an additional fee.  Does not come and go to the same island on same day, so unable to leave and return in single day.  However, you can plan to use this for trips spanning a few days or continuing on between multiple islands.  Prices vary depending on destination.  Does not run during the winter months.  Cafe inside ferry station.  See website link above for more information, including schedules.



July 18, 2011

Name: Elio’s

Location: Angra, Sao Pedro

Directions: Coming from the main square and heading towards the pink hotel (up will go up the hill, pass the church on the left).  At the top of the hill, just before starting back down again is a road to the right.  Pass this and take the next right.  The restaurant will be towards the start of the street on the left side.  There is parking on the street, which is pay parking.

Phone Number: 295 216 874

Hours: Noon-3 pm and 6-10:30 pm; Saturday dinner only; Closed Mondays

Cuisine: Pizza, Buffet, Traditional

English Menu: Yes

English Speaking Staff: Yes

Fantastic lunch buffet for a good price.  Food stays stocked throughout lunch service.  Lots of variety for both hot entrees and the cold salad bar.  Known for their pizza and fried chicken.  A good choice if you are looking for American type foods, but nice also to have the buffet to pick from as well.  There is bound to be something for everyone on the menu.  Has both a smoking and non-smoking section.  Friendly service with helpful staff.