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Current Events

There are many special events that come up on this island.  They are known for their festivals here.  Most will occur from the springtime through the fall months.  As these are sometimes not readily advertised, or maybe they are but not in English, I thought I would share these as they come up.  Since I do not speak Portuguese, I will not know about all these events, but as soon as I do hear about something CURRENT, I will make a post with details.  Whenever possible, I will also post updated information on the weekly bull fights during the bull fight season.

These posts should be easy to find since they will usually be the most recent posts.  By typing the words CURRENT EVENTS into the search bar to the right, you will be able to pull up a list of all posts related to these activities.  If you have something specific in mind, use key words for the search function.

Please feel free to comment below if there is an event you know about coming up or anything else current that I have missed in  my posts.

Have a great time while you are out and about!

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