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O Dicionario

January 6, 2012

Name: O Dictionario

Location: Praia da Vitoria

Directions: From main base gate go right, then left at the T like you are heading towards Praia.  Take your first right, like you are heading towards the VR.  When you reach the circle take the very last exit, so skip the VR in both directions and the exit right in front of you.  There are actually 5 ways to go in this circle, so the one just before getting back on the way you came.  You will see a car dealership on your right.  Turn left there.  It is in a building that may be hard to miss because it looks like just a house.  You can also get here from the tree lined road with Modelo on it.  Turn where the school is and from this way you will see the car dealership on the left, so turn right.

Hours: Lunch available Monday-Friday for buffet, Dinner daily with menu

This is a small restaurant, which seems to be popular with the locals looking for a traditional lunch consisting of a variety of foods on the buffet.  The owners are friendly, although do not speak much English.  Make sure to try some soup before heading to the buffet.  Get there early because as lunch continues on, the food will start to disappear.


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  1. January 6, 2012 2:25 pm

    I will never get tired of pictures of bread. And shrimp! Love this – I wish I was able to taste these delicious dishes right now. 🙂

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