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Shopping Street, Praia

July 28, 2011

What: Shopping Street

Where: Praia da Vitoria

The main shopping street off the main square in Praia is mostly a walking only road lined with multiple stores, businesses and little cafes.  You can find a wide variety of items ranging from shoes, purses and clothing to gifts, souvenirs and home goods.  Some shops are reasonably priced while others are a little more upscale.  Don’t be afraid to look around, price compare and find the right deal for you.  Not only is the main street lined with stores, but you can find other great shops along the little side streets that branch off this main path.  Even if not out to make a purchase, this is a great street for walking along and fun to window shop.  Don’t forget to comment below about your favorite stores!

Additional Information:  There is a Portuguese Post Office (Correio) in the main square.  There is a Police Station at the top of the walking street (towards Modelo).  There is mostly pay parking at the top (Modelo end) and bottom (beach end), however you can find free parking by the marina (not always open) and along the park area.  There is also some free parking by the walking trail along the beach (it’s a one way road for driving entered off the VR) and Make Me Nuts.  There is a new pay parking lot that enters about mid-way in the shopping street.  You can find this by driving towards Make Me Nuts from the Modelo circle (the one where yo would enter Modelo, not the one with the fountain), turn left at Make Me Nuts and follow this around as it curves up a smaller side street (you can’t go straight anymore past the Ramo Grande Auditorium).  The parking lot is about half way up this road on the right side.



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