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April 22, 2011

Here on the island you will find the couvert standard practice in restaurant dining.  If you already live here, chances are you have seen this on the menu and/or on your check.  The couvert is similar to a cover charge for guests dining at your table.  Items like bread and cheese are generally charged to all members at the table, whereas items like olives and sausage may be one charge for the order for the table (or however many orders are placed at the table.  This is standard, and if brought to the table, you will be charged.  This can come as quite a shock at the end of the meal if you are not aware in advance of the charges.  In some restaurants these can add up fast and before you know it, you are at 10 euro.  One way to prevent the surprise charges would be to check the menu so you know the costs and you know what is coming to the table (also see posts on restaurants listed as brought to table…sorry no prices listed on here).  You will find bread and butter runs from 50 euro cents to a euro at most places, and sometimes 1.50 euro to 2 euros for bread, butter and cheese.  They are tasty, and many consider these worth it, but if you really do not want to eat these, turn them away because if they sit on your table, you will be charged.  Other places may bring other items, so looking at the menu can let you know what might be expected and you can turn away items you don’t want before they get to the table.  This can reduce some of the surprise that so many have experienced during their first meals on the island and find the bill a bit more than anticipated.  After a while, this practice becomes second nature and it becomes easier to feel comfortable turning away food.  Overall, the bread, cheese and butter do make a nice start to the meal, and most often are inexpensive.

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  1. April 25, 2011 3:23 pm

    Great tips!

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