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Serra do Cume

April 4, 2011

Name: Serra do Cume

Directions: From the Via Rapida from base towards Angra, get off at the Fontinhas exit just after the gas stations and head up and over the bridge into Fontinhas.  If you are coming from Angra it is just before the gas stations, and the exit sign does show Serra do Cume (possibly on other exit signs as well).  Take Rua das Fontinhas until it dead ends on the main road of Fontinhas.  Take a right, and then the next left (if you see the bright pink house you are headed in the right direction).  Contiue up the hill and follow the signs for Serra do Cume.  You can also reach this from a variety of other ways on the island, and it is easy to find by following th signs.

Serra do Cume is a beautiful lookout point on the island.  The views are to the interior of the island, as well as to the east overlooking Praia and towards the base.  There is an observation deck.  On clear days the views are unobstructed, but in foggy wetaher it is more difficult to see.  It is worth it to take the drive up to see this spectacular view.  Your pictures won’t do it any justice.



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