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Praca de Toiros

March 31, 2011

Name: Praca de Toiros

AKA: Bull Fight Arena

Location: Angra do Heroismo

Directions: Take the Via Rapid towards Angra.  Continue straight once you approach Angra.  When you get to the round about with the bull statue (you can’t miss it) go straight, you should see the arean at that point.  It is on the left.

When: Starting in April and continuing into Fall.  To know when these are happening look for the posters.  These are posted around Angra, and on ocassion in Praia.  Although you may not be able to understand the posters entirely, you should be able to make out the day and time.

Price: Ranges, can be seen on posters for specifics; maybe a few euros up to about 12 euros

English Speaking Employees: Some, but not much English

There is parking lot in front of the arena, with additional parking on the street.  Parking is free.  To purchase tickets go to the ticket window.  Once inside you can locate your seating.  Does not usually get filled, but is possible on more anticipated events.  Snacks and beer sold inside.  In Portugal they do not kill the bull, however these bull fights do involve stabbing with the sword.  There is also one bull fight event that involves acrobats.



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  1. Tagen Ormonde permalink
    April 1, 2011 9:41 am

    Each poster also states other locations that sell tickets, such as cafes & shops in Angra. Check out the poster for details for each event! (They are in Portuguese of course!)

  2. April 9, 2011 7:30 pm

    Just a reminder to Americans attending the bull fights to be respectful of the local culture and the local people. While in the US it is not uncommon to be loud and rowdy, even consuming excess alcohol in the effort to really enjoy the sporting experience, that is not what is customary here on the island, particularly at a bull fight where lots of moving around and loud noise is distracting to both the bulls, horses, and locals around you. Just remember that you are guests. You are a representation of Americans, and you should take care not to draw attention to yourselves at these events. Try blending more with the local culture instead of being the person everyone assumes is an American. Also, your behavior at events such as this can result in negative consequences for us all. As I said before, this is just a reminder to be respectful and appropriate at these bull fights. Thanks!

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