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Furnas do Enxofre

March 11, 2011
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Name: Furnas do Enxofre

AKA: Sulfur Pits

Location: Middle of the island, not to far from Algar do Carvao

Directions: Take the Via Rapida from the base heading towards Angra.  Get off at the same exit for the golf course.  There is also a sign there for Algar do Carvo and possibly Furnas too.  At the first intersection after you exit head straight (turing right takes you to golf course) and continue down the road until it dead ends.  Take a right here and keep going, just the same as for Algar do Carvao.  just past the turn for Algar you will see signs for Furnas and the turn will be on the right side.

Obviously you can smell the sulfur here, but other than the expected this area provides a great view of nature and what happens when there are volcanoes around.  They have recently fixed up the walking path, but you still want to dress appropriately, which includes good walking shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  There is a path that goes all the way around the pits along with information boards spread throughout (in English too).  Here you can learn about the process in which the sulfur pits formed and the plant life in the area.  It is very educational and makes for a great activity in the outdoors.  There are even picnic areas.  Expect to spend some time looking around, but you do not need hours here.  No fee.


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