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Copos & Companhia

December 5, 2010

Name: Copos & Companhia

Location: Praia da Vitoria

Hours: 7 pm-2 am Mon-Thurs; 7 pm-4 am Friday/Saturday; Closed Sundays

Phone Number: 913 304 140


Cuisine: Portuguese, Upscale

English Speaking Staff: Yes

English Menu: Yes

Brought to the table: rolls/crackers, butter, eggs, olives

The most impressive part of this restaurant is the location and the view.  Situated on the water, down the one way road with the new walking path, this place has a wonderful view of the ocean.  The next most impressive part would be the presentation of the food.  Hence the upscale nature of the listing of thie restaurant.  Prices aren’t outrageous, but the food does not all live up to the expectation of the artfullness of the menu creations.  One down side would be that right at opening time, it seems the staff sits in the dining area and hangs out smoking cigarettes.  While this may not bother everyone, it can be a turn off for some.  One of the specialities, the flaked cod with spinach, is very good.  One benefit here is that they are open later in the evening, making it a good choice for late night dining, or as a bar to hang out with friends, especially in the summer months when the patio may be in use.  Fasmily friendly and children’s menu available.  Worth trying at least once.


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