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Museu de Angra do Heroismo

October 9, 2010
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Name: Museu de Angra do Heroismo

AKA: Angra Museum

Location: Angra do Heroismo, across from the Chinese restaurant

Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10 am-noon and 2 pm-5 pm; Saturday and Sunday 2 pm-5 pm; Closed Mondays

Website: in Portuguese, but can Google search too and translate

Ticket Cost: Free

English Speaking Staff: Some may speak English

English Exhibit Information: Available for purchase at the front

This museum contains exhibits that are ongoing, as well as exhibits that change throughout the year.  The current main exhibit through January 2011 is on photography involving photos of jazz concerts.  usually the billboard in front of the museum, which is visible when driving by, will depict the current exhibit.  The museum is a great place to go on Sundays when everything else is closed.  The museum also houses a church which is accessible from the inside of the museum.  One of the other long term exhibits includes animal drawn vehicles from the past.



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