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October 3, 2010


Name: Ratatui

Location: Ribeirinha

Directions: When heading down the Via Rapida to Angra, make a left at the circle with the bull arena.  Continue down that road and the restaurant will be on the left side before getting to Porto Judeu.  It is not easy to spot, so drive slowly.  There is a gass station directly across the street, so this may help you to find it.  If coming from Porto Judeu, take the main road towards Angra and before getting to Angra, the restaurant will be on the right.

Telephone Number: 295 663 835 (new number)

English Speaking: Some employees speak a little English

English Menu: No

Cuisine: Traditional Portuguese

Brought to the table: Bread,  Vegetables rolled in cheese with balsamic drizzle, muffins (after meal when ordering coffee)

If you did not know this place exosted, you would probably never find it.  Menu items are hit and miss, and will depend on personal preference when it comes to taste.  The started of vegetables in cheese, which the waiter assures is free (and it is), is delicious and a great start to the meal.  They have a nice selection of wine, but you may find the prices are just a euro or two more than you are used to.  The menu is adorable with pictures from the Disney movie Ratatouille, hence the name of the restaurant.  If there is one thing that is guaranteed to be good here, it is the dessert.  If you order some coffee, be prepared because mini muffins will also come to the table.  Overall this is a pleasant dining experience.  As the menu is not in English, use the waiter to help you find something that will suit your tatses.



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