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Dai Hou

September 23, 2010
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Name: Dai Hou Restaurante

AKA: Chinese Restaurant

Location: Angra do Heroismo, across from the musuem

Phone number: 295 216 888

Hours: Noon-3 pm and 6 pm-11 pm ,Closed Wednesday for lunch

Cuisine: Chinese

English Speaking Staff: Yes

English Menu: Yes

This is the only Chinese restaurant on the island.  It may not be the best Chinese food you have ever eaten, but you will be happy to know that you can get good Chinese on the island.  This is very popular with Americans.  It may be difficult to find at first because it is not clearly labeled on the outside, but it is on the hill heading towards the main square in Angra, and it is just across from the Museum.  Once inside you will be surprised, as you may never have guessed this existed here.  They have a large selection of the typical Chinese dishes you may be used to, including meat and seafood dishes.  The menu is provided in English too which makes it easy to order.  If you order a spring roll, you may be surprised to know there is beef inside.  Otherwise, most dishes should be what you would expect.  The price is reasonable.  Make sure you check this place out at least once.


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