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Quinta Do Martelo

September 17, 2010

Name: Qunita Do Martelo 

Location: Sao Mateus

Directions: Take the Via rapida towards Angra, then head towards the blue hotel (hotel Caracol).  Continue along the coast road by turning right at the blue hotel and heading towards Sao Mateus.  As you enter Sao Mateus you will see a sign for Quinta do Martelo and will turn right here.  Follow up the hill and then you will follow signs that will lead you directly to the property.

Restaurant Hours: Noon-3 pm and 5:30-10 pm, closed on Wednesdays

Telephone #: 295 642 842


Cuisine: Traditional Rural Azorean

Accomodations: Rooms available as this is also a cultural resort, swimming pool

Activity: Touring the facility by foot

Brought to the table: Bread (white and corn), cheese, corn, seaweed, olives, broad beans

English Speaking Staff: Yes

English Menu: Yes

Seating:  Can accomodate groups but need to call in advance

This is the ultimate Azorean experience.  Visiting Quinto do Martelo is like stepping into the past.  You can eat, explore and even stay on the property over night.  The land is expansive and the map they will give you is helpful to navigate yourself through the farm area and the old shops.  The best suggestion is to arrive early, between noon and 1 for lunch, and then take the walking tour of the “exhibits”.  The restaurant is located upstairs of the building that has the old time grocery store on the first level.  Walk in towards the back and the stairs are to the right.

The meals starts off with a variety of tasty treats that showcase the Azorean flavors.  The corn bread is different from that of the US, but very good.  The meal is a real dining experience so do not expect to be rushed.  In fact, order some wine and relax.  Step off to the side for an view of the land and the ocean.  You may order from a variety of entrees, or select the fixed menu which will give you a taste of many traditional foods.

After your meal, ask the server for the tour.  You can have a map and use this to navigate your way around.  Here you will find how life used to be on the island.  There is farm land, plus buildings showcasing tools from past trades, like a wood shop and metal shop, a barber and shoe maker, and a pottery wheel.  Also on the property are buildings that are transformed into guest suites as this a resort where quests can stay the night or more.

Give yourself time when you come to visit, unless of course you have toured before and are only going to enjoy a meal.  If you have visitors in town, make sure to plan an afternoon here.  Quinto do Martelo truly offers a cultural experience and a history lesson that should help everyone to appreciate the island a little more. 



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  1. March 26, 2011 10:41 pm

    Closed for renovations until March 31, 2011

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