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Lava Preta

September 15, 2010

Name: Lava Preta

Location: Biscoitos

Directions: On the main road just past the turn off for the wine museum, but before the turn for the swimming hole.  It is right across from the church.

Hours: Kitchen closes after 3 until dinner, but they still serve cafe type items during this time

Cuisine: Pizza, Snacks, Crepes

English Speaking Staff: Yes

Seating: Indoors, with a few outdoor patio tables

Nice location with a good amount of seating.  They offer an extensive list of pizzas.  In addition to the pizzas, they offer a full menu with hot foods, including crepes for dessert.  They do have ice cream and other pastries.  They are accomodating to dietary needs, so don’t hesitate to ask, although some substitutions may not be possible.  If visiting the wine museum and are looking to have lunch, this is a great location, and if you are outside, you can get a nice ocean view. 


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  1. Christie Jones permalink
    April 12, 2011 1:27 pm

    Yes, like I said before we love Lava Preta but have you been to Caneta in Altares? (main road on your left hand, they have a snak bar and the restaurant is upstairs) It is so good! Order espatada de carne it is just delicious! They also have alcatra and really good sea food.

    • April 12, 2011 2:14 pm

      Yes, we have been to Caneta, but some how I managed to lose the picture files. Needless to say it’s on the list to get back there so I can finally get it posted. We did like it, so it’s just a matter of getting out there.

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