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Restaurante Cozinha do Caracol

August 28, 2010

 Name: Restaurante Cozinha do Caracol

AKA: The restaurant in the Blue Hotel

Location: Angra, Can get there by following the main road around the island from Angra towards the west side; or can take the Via Rapida towards Angra, and at the roundabout after the Toyota dealership, take the right towards Centro, then past Modelo, and continue to follow around, do not get off at any roundabouts, just keep going straight until it dead ends at a blue colored hotel

Hours: Daily 12:30 pm-3 pm and 7-10 pm

Telephone #: 295 402 600

Cuisine: Upscale

Brought to the table: Bread, Cheese, Butter, Olives

English Speaking Staff: Yes

English Menu: Yes

Seating:  Look for a window seat with an view of the ocean and Monte Brasil

Since this restaurant is located in a hotel, the staff speaks English well.  Also, because it is in a hotel, the prices are higher than other restaurants.  There is a nice selection of meats and fish that are presented elegantly.  If our for a special occassion, don’t foget to enjoy a bottle of wine, and linger for dessert and coffee.  Depending on the time of year, it may be busier with increased hotel guests.  A European tourist who was saying there once said the food was so good, they only wanted to eat there on their vacation.

For parking, you may need to go around the roundabout and back up the way you came as there are mutliple parking spaces along that road.  There is a swimming hole just next to the hotel, if you are in need of a new place to swim.


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