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August 27, 2010

Name: BioFontinhas

AKA: The Organic Market

Location: Fontinhas, on Rua Das Fontinhas just off the Via Rapida (on the right side of the road if coming from the VR)

Hours: Saturday mornings, if their driveway gate is closed, they are not open

Product: Organic produce

English Speaking Staff: Yes

This is actually at a private home.  The farmer is Avelino and he is always happy to talk about his farm.  He has multiple greenhouses and specializes in a variety of salad greens.  Not only does he grow his produce organically, but he has developed his own very successful method based on experience and years of research on organic farming and biology.  Avelino is very well educated.  This farm is also a part time job for him, yet it remains very successful with many people interested in his foods, including local restaurants. 

Along with salad greens, he grows herbs, and a variety of fruits.  The open their farm up on Saturday mornings.  You can come and buy large re-usable containers filled with mixed salad greens.  If you plan on getting a salad, put in an order for this first before looking around, because the salad is made fresh to order.  If Avelino is around he can give you a tour, and if he is not there, the other family members will enourage you to have a look around. 

The nice thing about BioFontinhas is that not only is it organic, but it is local too, and it was grown with a lot of care.  Along with the produce, they usually have eggs, sunflower seed bread, and honey for purchase.  If the Cherimoya is in season, make sure to try this delicious exotic fruit.  It’s like a cross between an apple and a pear with the consistency closer to that of an avocado. 

Bring cash for purchases.  Look for BioFontinhas on Facebook.


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  1. January 8, 2014 5:10 pm

    Avelino now has his own bio market/restaurant in Praia, located in the same parking lot as Club Naval. It’s mostly a market but you can have a healthy lunch. The food is delicious and he also gets organic produce from the mainland.

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