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Airplane Travel: SATA

August 25, 2010

Name: SATA

Location: Airport in Lajes, Offices in Angra do Heroismo and Praia da Vitoria

Hours: Check on-line for various flight schedules

Reservations: Can be placed online, by phone or in person

Telephone #: 707 227 282 


Meals: Provided, along with beverage service.  May request special meals.  This can be done online when making seat selection, or can be requested by phone. 

English Speaking Staff: Yes

Checked Baggage: 2 pieces each to US, 70# each bag

Best for getting to the United States, if unable to fly Space A.  Point of entry is most commonly Boston, with flights also going to Oakland, CA.  Book in advance for cheaper rates.  Variety of options for flexibility in ticketing, in regards to refunds.  This is the airline for inter-island travel.  Also flies to the US, Canada (Toronto), Madeira, and mainland Portugal. 

Not uncommon for flights from Boston to the island, with stops in Ponta Delgada, to have missing baggage.  Often there is less room on the flight between islands, so not all luggage makes it on.  If this happens, you will likely get it the next day.  If this is for a visitor, do not be afriad to ask for monetary compensation to purchase clothes and other goods needed until the bags arrive.

When flying through Lisbon, all arrivals come in to Terminal 1, all international departures are from Terminal 1, and all domestic departures leave through Terminal 2.  When returning to the island through Lisbon, you will not have to leave Terminal 1 through security.  When you exit into the airport, do not exit for baggae claim, and instead head upstairs for connecting flights.  Then follow signs for the shuttle to terminal 2.  This is helpful if you are traveling with liquids purchased in another airport, as you will not need to exit and then re-enter through security.  If you have a decent layover, hangout in Terminal 1 if you are looking for more things to do.  The food court has fast food options, including a McDonald’s.  There are also a few stores here.  Then take the shuttle to Terminal 2.  Terminal 2 has a duty free shop, a cafe, and a restaurant in the upstairs, but little else. 

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