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Airplane Travel: TAP

August 24, 2010
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Name: TAP

Location: Airport in Lajes, however no customer service desk in departures area, Office in Angra do Heroismo

Hours: Check on-line for various flight schedules

Reservations: Best to book in office or call; Unable to give billing information with AE as state online

Telephone #: 707 205 700, often wait times of 10 minutes 


Meals: Provided even on short flights, along with beverage service.  Often pork sandwich.  May order special meals, but will need to call or visit their Angra office to do this.

Baggage Allowance: To Europe, 1 bag, 20 kg or 44 pounds

English Speaking Staff: Yes

Best used for flights to Europe from the island.  All flights will enter Europe through Lisbon or Porto.  Is not uncommon to have long layover, particularly overnight, in Lisbon.  Many reasonably priced flights to various European cities.  Tends to be more pricey for US flights, and may have multiple layovers.  You do not need to arrive 2 hours early to the Lajes airport as it is small. 

When flying through Lisbon, all arrivals come in to Terminal 1, all international departures are from Terminal 1, and all domestic departures leave through Terminal 2.  When returning to the island through Lisbon, you will not have to leave Terminal 1 through security.  When you exit into the airport, do not exit for baggae claim, and instead head upstairs for connecting flights.  Then follow signs for the shuttle to terminal 2.  This is helpful if you are traveling with liquids purchased in another airport, as you will not need to exit and then re-enter through security.  If you have a decent layover, hangout in Terminal 1 if you are looking for more things to do.  The food court has fast food options, including a McDonald’s.  There are also a few stores here.  Then take the shuttle to Terminal 2.  Terminal 2 has a duty free shop, a cafe, and a restaurant in the upstairs, but little else. 

Often code shares with SATA.  TAP is a Star Alliance member, so if you collect miles with Continental, United or US Airways, you can have TAP miles credited to those accounts.


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  1. August 24, 2010 3:34 pm

    I’m never a fan of airport food…I’m about to have to eat some tomorrow…Boo.

  2. April 15, 2011 12:19 pm

    Much easier and less headache to just call TAP. They have English operators to help. Can override the entering of AE for state, however is likely you will still need to show ID when you get to airport. The ticket is reserved for you, but need to show ID and credit card to actually get issued a boarding pass. If needing to make changes to reservation, you will need to email off (or take to TAP office or airport) a copy of ID so that they have verification before they can process any changes. Another benefit to calling is that you have more options between the flights if you can’t seem to get the flights you want when booking online. Is is particularly helpful if you are booking a mutli-leg trip.

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