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Algar do Carvao

August 20, 2010

Name: Algar do Carvao

AKA: Cave (one of several)


Location: Terra Brava, Inland

Directions: From the Via Rapida heading towards Angra from the base, it is easy to find if you follow the signs and get off at the exit, which is labeled

Hours: Varies depending on the time of the year, schedule is provided above 

English Speaking Staff: Yes

Tickets: 4 euro; Can be purchased inside, single tickets or may purchase a ticket to see this cave and Gruta do Natal (AKA Christmas Caves, which are further down the road)

Once you pass through the ticket counter area, you will enter a long hallway.  At the end, you will yourself inside this cave, which is actually a hollowed out lava tube from a volcano.  There is some walking and stair climbing involved.  The first section includes a walk down, but make sure to stop and look up through the opening of the lava tube.  Do not fear, this is not active, and has even stayed fully intact though earthquakes.  If you are claustrophobic, only the tunnel at the start is enclosed, as the cave itself is very open.  The cave has a tendency to be a little chilly, so it may be a good idea to bring long sleeves, especially of you are often cold or have children.  Don’t forget to bring your camera.  This is a sight not to be missed and is great to bring any guests that might be visiting you. 

From the main floor inside, you can go down and you can go up.  There is usually a guide here that will explain (in English) the history and geology of this cave.  Heading down takes you to the bottom, which fills with water in the winter and makes a lake.  By mid-summer this is entirely dried up.  Heading up takes you to the area known as the Cathedral.  It gets its name from the natural acoustic ability produced here.  Typically, there is music playing so you can get an idea of the sound quality.



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