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Museu do Vinho

August 14, 2010

Name: Museu do Vinho

AKA: Wine Museum

Location: Biscoitos

Telephone #: 295 908 404


Hours: Seems mostly the afternoon, hours may vary seasonally and on weekends

Product: Verdelho Wine

English Speaking Staff: Yes

When visiting the wine museum, you will take a step back in time.  You can stroll through areas used for stomping on grapes, and glance how grapes have been grown in this region.  The black lava rock helps to keep the grapes in the right climate.  After looking around outside, you may have a chance to look inside with a guided tour of the museum where historical items are kept.  There are old tools and clothing, along with newspaper printings.  Once you have taken a look around, remember to sign the guest book on your way out.  Don’t leave just yet though, you still need to sample the wine.  Since the museum is free, and so is the sample, don’t forget to buy a bottle of wine for later.  Bottles start at around 4 euro, and it’s local.  If you are curious about the history of the island, this is the place to discover the old world lifestyle.


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