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Quebra Mar

July 22, 2010


Name: Quebra Mar 

AKA: Death By Meat 

Location: Sao Mateus 

Hours: Noon-3 pm/5 pm-2 am, Closed Wednesday 

Seating: Indoor/Outdoor 

Cuisine: Brazilian Steakhouse, Traditional Portuguese 

Brought to the table: Variety Platter with olives, cheese, sausage and other items

English Speaking Staff: Yes

Seating: Indoor and Outdoor 

You can’t beat the view here, right on the water.  If you are a fan of meat, this place is for you.  Affectionately known as death by meat, if you choose this option, a server will come to the table over 10 times, with different meats each time, ending with grilled pineapple shaved on to your plate for dessert.  It seems like a lot of meat, and it is, but with this you will also have a nice salad bar, fried bananas and french fries to get in some carbs.  If you do not like meat, there are other options on the menu, including traditional fish dishes.

This restaurant is a good location for large gatherings and special occassions.  They have space to accomodate groups and the style of service, which is traditional of a Brazillian Steak House, makes it easy to serve many people at once.


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